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Connection Information

Here you will find the necessary connection information needed to mine Sumokoin
There are four available Connection URLs, each with its own difficulty. We recommend using the Low & Mid Range CPU if uncertain.

Low & Mid Range CPU

Smart phones, laptops and regular desktops

Connection URL
Starting Difficulty 10000

High End CPU/GPU

Powerful processors and graphics cards

Connection URL
Starting Difficulty 50000

GPU Rigs

Computers with multiple graphics cards

Connection URL
Starting Difficulty 200000


Secure mining port needed by some miners

Connection URL
Starting Difficulty 200000


High-end cloud mining nicehash.com

Connection URL
Starting Difficulty 650000
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Static Difficulty and Worker Names

This pool supports Static Difficulty and Worker Names.
In your miner configuration, simply put . or + after the wallet address, followed by the Difficulty or Worker Name.

If you add both Static Difficulty and Worker Name, Static difficulty must come before of the worker name. Please see examples.

Static Difficulty your_wallet_address.difficulty
Worker Name your_wallet_address+worker_name
Static Difficulty & Worker Name your_wallet_address.static_difficulty+worker_name

Mining Programs

Program Name Architecture Download Discussion Source Code
SumoEasyMiner CPU Github Bitcointalk Github
Run installer and execute the program Sumo Easy Miner
Click Add Pool and enter PoolName, Connection URL and your Wallet Address.
XMR-Stak-CPU CPU Github Reddit Github
Example: xmr-stak-cpu.exe Please edit config.txt file to suit your needs.
XMR-Stak-AMD OpenCL (AMD) Github Reddit Github
Example: xmr-stak-amd.exe Please edit config.txt file to suit your needs.
XMR-Stak-Nvidia CUDA (Nvidia) Github Reddit Github
Example: xmr-stak-nvidia-notls.exe Please edit config.txt file to suit your needs.
CPUMiner CPU Github Bitcointalk Github
Example: minerd -a cryptonight -o stratum+tcp://sumo.easyhash.io:3330 -u YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS -p x